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Tickets to the Six Figure Business School



The tickets are sold on the SFBS site for $1295 per person.

Myron Golden has a plethora of 6-Figure Business Schools thoughout the United States.


Here are some of the things you will learn:

*Six ways to get paid to generate leads or prospects

*How to think from the position of wealth instead of poverty

*How to establish yourself as an expert and get paid to prospect

*Inter-Network Marketing (How to use the Internet to build your enterprise)

*How to get your army to march boldly into the face of the enemy of fear, ignorance and poverty

*How to use "Tax Strategies" as a recruiting tool

*What is the difference between sales and marketing

*How to have one of the fastest growing teams in your company

*How to attract leaders

*How to change your programming from failure to success

*How to build from event to event and explode your profitability

*How to collapse time frames and get a lot more done in a lot less time.

*And much, much more!


For the next upcoming dates, go to:

The tickets are sold on the SFBS site above for $1295 per person.

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