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KaRonda Fleming is the President of Profitable Passions and what they do is teach entrepreneurs an easier way to be successful. In other words they help underpaid workers, stay at home moms, retirees, college students, anyone experiencing a status change or setback; anyone with entrepreneurial spirit to become successful. Profitable Passions help you save, manage and make money part time or full time with an ability to travel the world and shop online at wholesale rates. They believe that one idea implemented is far better than a thousand ideas you know right now.


KaRonda is an Iraq War Veteran, and has experienced much success fighting for her country in addition to being a leader within her community and to her younger brother. KaRonda's desire and goal in life is to live life fully for God while ensuring that she is helping as many people reach their goals, dreams and desires in life as possible. She loves keeping herself productive (never is she busy) and diligently working towards Kingdom work(s). She enjoys networking with honest and trustworthy people and is encouraged by the simple feedbacks that her new business partners share with her as they accomplish their daily, weekly and monthly goals.


KaRonda Specializes in financial management and financial literacy where she works with her clients on how to save and manage their income. She teaches them how to position themselves to make a lot of money by using a proven system that allows them to profit from their passions. Not only does KaRonda specialize in financial empowerment, she also specializes in healthy eating and healthy living. She is a public speaker and a personal development coach, a motivator and an inspirational leader. Connect with KaRonda Success Fleming on all social media to include Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or Instagram and for more information about her, visit her website at


One-on-one coaching and mentorship is available. See rates below.  


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