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Donate to the Troops Overseas

Reap Grow Prosper is actively giving back to the community! Because we are so close to the military, we know how hard times can get when servicemembers are deployed overseas. It's a simple process for us to go to the local grocery store and pick up snacks, DVDs, or anything else that we may need. However, when overseas to places such as Iraq or Afghanistan, that convenience is just NOT there!

Therefore, Reap Grow Prosper is donating to the Troops Overseas. Many servicemembers enjoy things such as DVD's, games, snacks (non-perishable only) such as chips, candy, cakes, brownies, honey buns, cookies, etc. All of these items cost money, and that’s not to even factoring in the shipping and handling. So, if you have been led to help out our young men and women fighting overseas at any capacity, then feel free to donate any amounts that you can.

We greatly appreciate your contributions and the Servicemembers will be notified of the persons or organizations that were actively involved in sending their monthly/quarterly care packages from the U.S.A.!

God Bless America!


 If you know of a Servicemember who is currently deployed overseas, please forward their name, unit, and mailing address so they can be added to future care packages overseas. Please send correspondence to




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