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"It does not matter what your parents told you, it 
doesn't matter what your spouse tells you or what other
people have told you. You are called to greatness.That 
your destiny,your identity has been set before the 
foundations of the world. Your name was known, your 
destiny was called out to do great things; to change 
culture, to change people, tolead. No matter llllllllllllllllllllllwhat you   

Greetings & welcome to the Mentor Me section of my site. So you may be asking, how can I be mentored by KaRonda? Ahh, glad you asked. You see, I have an amazing story to share with you about my journey from being a shy timid "nerdy" kid back in my grade school days. To add to that both my parents were teachers, so you can imagine my desire to be a great student. I am and will always be a reflection of my parents. So, anything I touch, I desire to complete it with excellence!


With that being said, take a look at the video below where Robert Kiyosaki explains the four types of people that are in business and he will share with you the value of Network Marketing. Also, each week, a new Personal Development Empowerment Video is uploaded to encourage you to jumpstart your week by setting a goal and/or expanding your thought process to think outside the box. It is my mission to equip everyone I mentor on how they can truly profit from their passions! Be sure to contact the Reap Grow Prosper Office by calling us toll free at 1-800-985-0395. We look forward to working with you soon!!!


Also, as you visit each of the pages on my website, be sure to leave a comment in our guestbook. If you are new to this site, talk about your goals on what you look to gain to be a part of this networking community. If you are a seasoned partner, then comment on your growth. Let us know what you have learned throughout your process! Remember, the sky is the limit and even beyond the stars, there's still more room for you to grow!


 Robert Kiyosaki Explains Network Marketing - MLM



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